Episode 2

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12th Jul 2021

Rate My Retirement - Episode 2 (Elizabeth Case Study)

In the second installment of Rate My Retirement, Dan showcases the retirement portfolio of a retired teacher from New Jersey who has some decisions to make!

Listen as Elizabeth joins Dan on the podcast to discuss her various retirement planning options live on the show. In real time, Dan analyzes her situation, breaks down the numbers, and provides an efficient plan of attack for Elizabeth's next steps.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another enlightening episode highlighting a modest retirement portfolio and some beneficial strategies to maximize its true value!


0:06 - Welcome back to the show!

2:00 - Elizabeth joins the show and we begin analyzing her portfolio

3:00 - Elizabeth wants to create income while converting and to get close to the zero percent tax bracket

4:12 - Overview on Elizabeth's income

5:15 - What Rate of Return Elizabeth needs on her money

10:33 - The importance of not touching her principle

14:40 - Her projected Required Minimum Distribution and what Social Security taxation looks like

17:05 - Why Elizabeth should be considering conversions?

19:10 - An in-depth look at the conversion matrix and how it highlights tax rates

22:07 - Paying conversion taxes and what this looks like for Elizabeth

27:46 - Recommended courses of action for Elizabeth

30:22 - Dan begins answering follow up questions from Elizabeth

40:00 - Closing remarks and how you can become a part of the show

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Rate My Retirement
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